essentials*blue 09 Creative Project – Jesus Is Alive

18 02 2009

“For: The Institute of Contemporary And Emerging Worship StudiesSt. Stephen’s UniversityEssentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt

One amazing outcome of completing the Essentials Blue: Studies in Worship Theology & Biblical Worldview Course has been my desire to become a Salvific Storyteller. Dan Wilt summarises this clearly by saying that:

“Our job as human beings is not to save, as though we as Christians could accomplish the work that only God can do to rescue the whole of humanity from its plight (though many Christians have seen this as their primary co-mission with Christ throughout history). Rather, our primary mission is to tell the story of salvation, from original creation, to fall from relationship, to restoration through cross and resurrection, to complete and universal new creation.” 1

In my most recent song, Ancient One, I tried to tell the grand biblical narrative and I found myself attempting to do something similar with this song. The major difference is I wanted this song to have a much stronger focus on The Saviour – Jesus Christ. Regarding Jesus and the cross, Wilt states:

“In the suffering of Jesus on the cross, we see the love of the Father manifest in the most stunning and profound of ways – the complete self- giving of His only Son. If you only write one song, or create one expression, related to the work of the cross, focus on this reality – that God so loved, that God gave, and gave and gave of Himself.” 2

Well this was definitely a challenge for me! Although this song doesn’t quite capture God’s giving and giving and giving of Himself, it does create a salvific story. My aim was to write a celebration song about Jesus. The title – Jesus Is Alive, came to me quite quickly. I then set out to highlight these ideas in each section:

Verse 1

– Jesus’ life and ministry on earth.
– God sending His Son from heaven to earth as the rescuer and healer
(N.T. Wright puts it this way, “With Jesus, God’s rescue operation has been put into effect once for all.” 3)


– Proclamation that Jesus lives
– Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father
– We are forgiven and set free

Verse 2

– New life in Christ
– Holy Spirit sent to guide us
– Leading creation’s worship
– God’s kingdom has come


– A response to this story
– We must worship Him for who He is – Saviour & King

So this was my song story. A rough version of the song as it exists at the moment can be heard by clicking on the mp3 link below and there is also a link to the chord chart. Please leave a comment below about the song and feel free to use it at some stage (if you like it!!). I will leave you with one last challenge from the course:

“Augustine understood that God is about restoring, re-creating, redeeming, reconciling and
reclaiming His world. As those who are rescued, he recognized that we who are “saved
storytellers” have a vital responsibility and role to play – we call others to become fully human through the redemptive, atoning and saving work of Christ.” 4

Let’s do it!!

(1) Dan Wilt, essentials*blue: Online Studies in Worship Theology & Biblical Worldview – Online Course Text (New Brunswick: The Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies), p.32
(2) ibid, p. 19-20
(3) N. T. Wright, Simply Christian (London: SPCK, 2006), p. 79
(4) Dan Wilt, essentials*blue: Online Studies in Worship Theology & Biblical Worldview – Online Course Text (New Brunswick: The Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies), p.33

Jesus Is Alive PDF

Jesus Is Alive mp3



8 responses

19 02 2009
Joy Romage

I too would like to more of a salvific storyteller. I like your song. Thanks for sharing it with us

19 02 2009
Jason Chollar

It’s wonderful to be free and forgiven isn’t it!

Nice song Phil.

I couldn’t hear your accent when you were singing though. What’s up with that?

God Bless!


20 02 2009

Hi Phil,
I liked the chorus alot. Because God accepted Jesus’ sacrifice and raised HIm on Easter Sunday we have a wonderful assurance that we can trust in Jesus’ work on the cross. We can have faith in Jesus! I’d like to sing the chorus and dance around a lot! Makes me smile 🙂


23 02 2009

Nice Song Phil! You Rock for Jesus, Cant wait till we all get to jam session it out in heaven, cheeers!

27 02 2009
Randy Peasley

Really liked your song. I printed the pdf. Really liked how you layed out the ideas of the song and then fleshed them out. If I write another song I definately want to use that process. I liked how you incorporated a place for us to respond to the story.

9 03 2009

Enjoy reading your blog.Btw, this is first time I visit to your blog 🙂

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5 06 2009
Joel Limpic

sounds great, phil…

you unpacked some of the content from the teachings, the chorus is catchy, and the bridge was a nice change up from the rest of the song. seemed to say the stuff you were saying in there.

thanks for sharing!!

joel limpic

8 06 2009
David S

Great song,I loved your process “saved storytellers” Keep it going.
Now for the expectation how is this presented to the lost “none saved”.


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