Quiet 2010??!!

18 01 2011

Wow!! Looking back at 2010, it appears that the posts have been sparse and not even present in the second half of the year!!

College studies were the main factor in keeping me away from blogging. Studying 3 subjects each semester and the associated reading, writing essays and exam prep. meant that this side of internet life took a back seat!!!


However, my time was well spent, as I was extremely happy not only with my college results, but also with the things that I was able to learn from the subjects I studied and these included:

Content & Setting of the Gospel Tradition

Early New Testament Church

Old Testament Foundations

Old Testament Prophets & Writings

Patterns of Spiritual Formation

The Church from 1550 to Modern Times

This was a great selection of foundation subjects for my first year at Bible College and I am excited about 2011 as I begin learning New Testament Greek!!!


Along with study it was such a privilege to be a stay-home dad a few days a week and Daddy Day Care adventures with the kids were a genuine highlight, especially as it was Ruby’s last year before starting school in 2011!!! Timmy is also growing quickly and starting to talk lots now!!


Continuing with my part time role as a High School Music Teacher was a challenge but my HSC students were again an amazing group of young adults and two students in this group achieved our school’s highest ever Band 6 results in the NSW HSC Music 1 Course!!! Well done guys!!!


There are obviously many other dynamics in life that contributed to a great and busy 2010, including my role as a Worship Leader at church (which I am continuing to love and enjoy!!) and most importantly celebrating 11 years of marriage to my beautiful wife Greer!!


Well for those interested there is a quick update and I hope to have some more posts coming in early 2011…if you are interested!!!



One response

21 01 2011

I’m still reading… glad to see you posting again, Phil.

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